'Let's Go Brandon' gains widespread recognition across US, approval as form of protest, poll

The phrase "Let's Go Brandon" has been repeatedly chanted at sports games and other large events for the last few weeks

Updated: October 26, 2021 - 1:39pm

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More than half of likely U.S. voters are now familiar with "Let's Go Brandon," the euphemistic chant for a more profane President Biden putdown increasingly heard at sporting events across the country, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Among respondents, 57.7% said they have heard of the chant, which sounds a lot like "F-ck Joe Biden," according to the poll by the Convention of States Action and pollsters the Trafalgar Group.

More Republicans (73.6%) than Democrats (38.9%) were familiar with the chant, but 62.6% of Independents/Other knew about the recent phenomenon.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said both chants are appropriate ways to protest the Biden administration, while 16.9% said that just "Let's Go Brandon" is appropriate. Just above 24% said that neither chant is an appropriate method of protest. 

The chants are turning up as Biden's poll number drop amid several issues including record immigration at southern U.S. border, inflation, the relentless pandemic and the aftermath of the chaotic U.S. military withdrawal in August from Afghanistan.

Biden's job approval rating is now at 42.2%, according the RealClearPoltics.com's latest polls average.

Even among the group that included those who were unfamiliar with "Let's Go Brandon," more (44.3%) said that both chants were appropriate than neither (38.6%), and 17.1% said that "Let's Go Brandon" is appropriate, while "F--k Joe Biden" is not. 

"The Great American Pushback has begun and it's going to grow," said Mark Meckler, the Convention of States Action's president.

The poll was conducted between Oct. 22-24 and surveyed over 1,000 likely 2022 election voters.