Michael Flynn: Biden made America look 'very weak-kneed' on the world stage at G7

"It was clear to me when Biden came out of that meeting that Putin definitely got under his skin," retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said.

Published: June 22, 2021 6:52pm

Updated: June 23, 2021 7:19pm

Assessing Joe Biden's first G7 summit as president, former National Security Adviser to President Trump Michael Flynn said Tuesday that historically the the gathering of leading democratic nations is an opportunity for the U.S. "to demonstrate its global leadership on the world stage," but "in this case, the G7 showed America as being very weak, and very weak-kneed." 

"I think, first of all, fewer and fewer Americans are actually paying attention to the foreign activities of this particular administration," retired Lt. Gen. Flynn told the John Solomon Reports podcast, citing as principal reasons "just lack of confidence in the leader and the leadership abilities of the administration, and also some of the... flubs and dubs leading up to the G7."

Flynn also discussed Biden's meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"It was clear to me when Biden came out of that meeting that Putin definitely got under his skin," he said. I mean, it was so obvious in his responses … he seemed like he was irritable during that press conference afterwards.

"We've got to be building these friendships, and I just found the stark difference between Putin and Biden not coming out together, right? Not standing on a dais together to have a conversation with the world stage. Because I think that would have sent a much stronger leadership presence for Joe Biden, but I honestly don't think that he's got the stamina, or the mental resilience to be able to do that kind of thing. I just don't see it. And I'm not a doctor, but I just don't see it."

Biden made multiple gaffes during his trip abroad, including saying he keeps forgetting he's president. A number of GOP lawmakers have also asked Biden to take a cognitive test and release the results.

Regarding a possible future meeting between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, Flynn said: "You need to confront China on a bunch of different things, a whole laundry list, before you start talking about trade and global economics and all the other nonsense that I know they're going to talk about that matter, but they don't matter to the American people right now. And they don't matter to the world, actually, especially when it comes to Wuhan."

Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the White House is considering whether the president will meet with Xi in an international summit, according to Reuters.

Unlike with Putin, where the two presidents had separate news conferences, Flynn believes Biden will have a joint press conference with Xi.

"I think you're going to see Xi be in a much more dominant leadership presence," Flynn said. "And, there's going to be some buddy-buddy kinds of things like, 'We've known each other, we've worked with each other for a long time, we get along with each other.' There's going to be a lot of sort of glad-handing and patting on the back.

"And so I just think that they have to stand together, Biden has to stand there with Xi, he's got to show that he is not his puppet, because a lot of people believe that. And there's a lot of evidence to show that the Biden family and all the kinds of things that ... we all know to be true with Hunter Biden and all this other stuff and other family members that we know to be true, from evidence that's already come out, that Biden really is going to have to shine. This is going to have to be like his moment. And it has to be incredibly strong."

The evidence Flynn was referring to includes the revelation that Hunter has owned a stake in a Chinese equity firm, even after his father became president.

The Chinese know a meeting with Biden "is an opportunity for Xi to step above everybody else and all of the fray and appear as the new world leader on the global stage," Flynn said. "That's where we're at right now.

"Most people didn't know this, but like Russia just changed from trading global currency on the U.S. dollar to the yuan about a month ago ... to the yuan and to the euro. No longer the U.S. dollar."

CNBC reported that "Russia is cutting the U.S. dollar from its $186 billion National Wealth Fund as Washington continues to impose sanctions on Moscow."

"Russia is really — it's a nation state, but it's really one big … crime organization," Flynn said. "So when a big nation state like that changes their currency away from the United States, in this case to the yuan and to the euro, that signals a major shift in who they think is the global superpower.

"So Joe Biden needs to, and his team needs to, really step up. And whatever vitamins he needs, to get them that day. They need to demand that it is a joint press conference, and Joe Biden better be ready for that one, because I know Xi will be."

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