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GOP leader Scalise: Biden, Democrats using 'Soviet-style, one-size-fits-all big government approach'

"They're going to print money as if it has no consequence," the House minority whip said.

Updated: April 14, 2021 - 2:19pm

Rep. Steve Scalise, the House's No. 2 Republican, on Wednesday criticized President Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress for pushing through legislation without working with Republicans, especially after Biden had campaigned on unity and bipartisanship.

"People across the country are finally starting to wake up and realize that, you know, Joe Biden campaigned saying he was going to unite the country and work with everybody," the Louisiana lawmaker said on the "Just the News AM."  "And instead, what you're seeing is a Soviet-style, one-size-fits-all big government approach to everything going on where they're just telling people what they're going to do."

Scalise listed the consequences of the policies that Biden and the Democrats are pushing.

"They're going to print money as if it has no consequence, and then they're going to raise taxes as if it's not going to run jobs out of this country, signing on to the Paris accord and all this other Green New Deal stuff that's killing jobs and actually increasing carbon emissions," he told show host Sophie Mann.

"So President Biden may actually end up increasing carbon emissions all under the name of saving the planet. In the meantime, killing jobs along the way, and people are getting alarmed by it – you know, that he's not working with Republicans."

Biden, with the help of fellow Democrats who control the House and Senate, last month passed a roughly $2 trillion coronavirus relief package without a single GOP vote.

Together, they have now set sights on passing an estimate $2 trillion infrastructure spending package for which they intend to pay, in part, by increasing the corporate tax rate to 28%.

"And it only takes one Democrat in the Senate to stand up and have courage and say, 'Hold on a second. This isn't what they promised the American people.' They promised that President Biden said he would work with everybody, including the people that voted against him," said Scalise.

The 100-member Senate is split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, so one Democrat no vote can derail a partisan measure.

"He said he would try to unite the country," Scalice said. "You don't unite the country by bringing partisan bill after partisan bill, shutting Republicans out completely. And spending money like drunken sailor. I mean, I think drunken sailors would not want to be associated with this level of taxing and spending, because it's so out of control. And it's going to ultimately hurt our kids – our next generation is going to have less opportunity and higher taxes and less jobs if President Biden keeps this up."