Alec Baldwin still hasn’t surrendered phone to police; New York, New Mexico authorities involved

Search warrant has been deployed to seize phone.

Updated: January 8, 2022 - 10:18am

Authorities in both New York and New Mexico are actively working to seize actor Alec Baldwin’s cell phone as part of investigations into the fatal accidental shooting in which the actor was involved on a movie set last year.

Local and state authorities in New Mexico—where the shooting occurred on the film set—are reportedly working with the sheriff’s department of Suffolk County, New York, to execute a search warrant to obtain Baldwin’s phone. 

Baldwin was seen talking on his cell phone shortly after the shooting. 

A search warrant issued in New Mexico says the phone is being sought “due to conversations between affiant and Alec Baldwin” conducted on the phone’s messaging system.

That warrant was issued in mid-December.