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Labor unions threaten to stage job walkouts to protest police this fall

Union leaders also call for defunding police, universal health and redistributing wealth.

Published: September 6, 2020 10:44pm

Updated: September 6, 2020 10:53pm

Leaders of several public and private sector unions are threatening to organize walkouts this fall for teachers, truck drivers and service workers in an effort to protest police killings.

“The status quo — of police killing Black people, of armed white nationalists killing demonstrators, of millions sick and increasingly desperate — is clearly unjust, and it cannot continue,” said a statement issued over the weekend by various arms of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union, and National Education Association.

“They remind us that when we strike to withhold our labor, we have the power to bring an unjust status quo to a grinding halt,” the union leaders added.

The union leaders also called for defunding police departments and universal health care. 

“We echo the call to local and federal government to divest from the police, to redistribute the stolen wealth of the billionaire class, and to invest in what our people need to live in peace, dignity, and abundance: universal health care and housing, public jobs programs and cash assistance, and safe working conditions,” the union leaders said in a statement first reported by The Associated Press.

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