Confusion at Soros-backed prosecutor's office led to release of accused killer from Virginia prison

Suspect was arrested by police near Savannah.

Updated: October 13, 2022 - 11:33am

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

A chaotic runaround involving a George Soros-backed progressive Virginia prosecutor and a local sheriff's department led to the mistaken release of an accused murderer from prison last week, after which the suspect fled the state and made it to Georgia before being re-apprehended. 

The office of Buta Biberaj, the Virginia commonwealth's attorney for Loudon County, dropped second-degree murder charges against accused killer Stone Colburn last week, leading the Loudon County Sheriff's Department to release him from detention in that district. 

Biberaj told media that her office quickly filed new charges against Colburn in order to ensure he stayed in detention, though the sheriff's department claimed it did not see the new charges until the following morning, after Coburn had been released. 

The prosecutor told the Washington Post that her office was attempting to file specific charges to ensure that Colburn would stand trial for the murder rather than be committed to a mental institution where he would avoid the charges. 

Colburn was apprehended in Georgia by authorities near Savannah. Following his arrest, Biberaj appeared to dryly refer to the mix-up on her professional Twitter account. 

"We are confident that the Sheriff’s Office will keep him in custody," she wrote


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