Americans feel that politics is polarized, but that may be a good thing

76% of voters say American politics is more polarized that American society

Updated: July 20, 2020 - 4:24pm

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For those who feel like America is divided more than ever, there is some encouraging news.

How people feel about politics doesn't necessarily represent how average Americans feel about the country. And the divisiveness seen in the mainstream media doesn't necessarily match how Americans really feel. 

According to a recent survey done by Scott Rasmussen and Ballotpedia, 76% of voters say American politics is more polarized than American society. Twelve percent disagree with that sentiment, and another 12% aren’t sure. If we look at specific demographics, 81% of men and 72% of women believe that politics are more polarized than real life. In addition to that, 79% of White voters, 78% of Hispanic voters, and 60% of Black voters feel the same way.

However, in the current political climate, with presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden leading in the polls, it's unclear how that negative feeling will translate in the presidential race.

Rasmussen breaks down these numbers further in his new Number of the Day podcast.

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