Football players from the Bills and Bengals inspire sports community with prayer: former NFL player

"It was encouraging to see Americans when things get tough — we go to God," Jake Bequette said

Updated: January 3, 2023 - 9:19pm

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    Former NFL football player Jake Bequette said that it was such an inspiring moment to see members of the Bills and Bengals football teams praying for Damar Hamlin after his injury during the Monday night NFL football game. 

    "It was such a poignant moment to see both of those teams on their knees in prayer united," Bequette said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "I just thought that last night really showed in the midst of devastating circumstances some of the best qualities of American sports."

    Buffalo Bills cornerback Damar Hamlin collapsed Monday night in the middle of an NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals and was hospitalized in critical condition after receiving CPR on the field.

    Bequette went on to describe how after the game fans went outside the hospital to pray for Hamlin's recovery. 

    "You saw fans even the Cincinnati Bengals fans go stand vigil outside the hospital," Bequette said. "That really just shows that sports at its best can bring people together. It's a unifying thing."

    He went on to say that with the culture being so divisive, its great to see people uniting even if the circumstances are tragic.

    "Sports has not really been spared from the culture wars," Bequette stated. "I've spoken out very extensively on that. But it was encouraging to see Americans when things get tough we go to God. We go to the Lord and take a knee."