Trump adviser Jenna Ellis fires back at criticism for calling transgender state official a 'guy'

'To be called a bigot for simply acknowledging scientific fact is both hilarious and tragic,' Ellis said.

Updated: August 11, 2020 - 1:07pm

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Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis is facing criticism for referring to the transgender Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological male who identifies as female, as a "guy."

Ellis has defended her description of Levine, pushing back against criticism from the Human Rights Campaign, which described her as "a bigot," and from Pennsylvania's Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, who labeled her behavior as "hate speech."

Ellis has asserted that she will not apologize for the comment.

"To be called a bigot for simply acknowledging scientific fact is both hilarious and tragic," Ellis declared. "The truth of biology shows that human beings are created immutably male and female. Yet in our post-truth society, the progressive leftists not only demand that we affirm patently false facts, but also demand we not 'offend' people who insist on speaking their lies, otherwise we are called insensitive bigots and required to apologize. I won't apologize. Our Constitution still protects our fundamental, God-given right to speak and affirm Truth, and I'll continue to stand firm speaking and affirming Truth."

"Dr. Levine is laser-focused on assisting Pennsylvanians in the midst of a national pandemic," Pennsylvania Department of Health spokesperson Nate Wardle said according to The Hill. "She does not have time for this nonsense."

The controversy comes amid an ongoing societal debate that includes issues such as whether those who identify as transgender should be permitted to participate in school athletics or use public bathrooms according to their subjective gender identity. 

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