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John Solomon debuts kids book teaching children about free speech, countering censorship

Story of a newspaper-publishing hamster was inspired by Solomon's own experiences facing cancel culture while reporting on the Russia collusion, Hunter Biden laptop and COVID origins stories.

Published: May 1, 2023 12:54pm

Updated: May 1, 2023 1:09pm

Just the News founder and award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon unveiled a children's book on Monday to empower parents and grandparents to teach new generations about the dangers of censorship and the essential role of free speech in the American experience.

The book, "Hidden Headlines," done in partnership with Brave Books, showcases the Solomon family hamster, Chunk, as a newspaper editor who cannot distribute his Hamster Headlines news product because an evil koala named Karl has blocked the tubular social media system in the hamster village of Starlotte City.

Hunk the hamsters.
Brave Books

An inquisitive detective dog named Seymour Clues cracks the case just in time to thwart Karl's evil plan to flood Starlotte City and make citizens dependent on his free kayak program.

The story was inspired by Solomon's own experiences facing cancel culture and censorship while reporting on the Russia collusion, Hunter Biden laptop and COVID-origins stories dating to 2016.

"I was stunned when there was so little outcry to the blatant censorship during these news episodes, and then I realized there were two consecutive generations of young Americans who weren't taught the Bill of Rights or why the 1st Amendment was first," Solomon explained. "In fact, they were indoctrinated to believe government had a role in suppressing dissent in the name of a singular-sanctioned storyline.

"Thanks to the great partnership with Brave Books, we wrote Hidden Headlines to ensure a third generation doesn't fall prey to the false notion that our constitutional republic can exist without guaranteed free speech or that censorship is somehow acceptable under certain emergencies like a pandemic or imposed in the false worship of fighting disinformation."

Solomon gave a sneak review of his book Saturday with a Brave Book "storytime" reading to hundreds of children at a public library in Cherry Hill, N.J., a suburb of Philadelphia, joined by actor Kirk Cameron.

Brave Books has risen quickly as a Pro-God, Pro-America children's book company and alternative to traditional children publishers like Scholastic. It has featured works by such major news figures as Cameron, former Trump administration official Kash Patel, Arizona sheriff Mark Lamb, and investigative journalist Sara Carter.

You can purchase a monthly subscription in May to Brave Brooks and get Solomon's book free or buy "Hidden Headlines" a la carte here.

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