Pastor Shines, new group Conservative Clergy of Color want to reshape 'the idea of systemic racism'

'They want to paint conservatives as white racists that only sound a certain way — well, maybe I'm a white racist, and no one gave me the memo,' Shines said jokingly.

Pastor Aubrey Shines
Pastor Aubrey Shines
Updated: June 23, 2020 - 7:29pm

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Pastor Aubrey Shines wants to provide an alternative to the narratives often presented in mainstream media.

"They want to paint conservatives as white racists that only sound a certain way — well, maybe I'm a white racist, and no one gave me the memo," the founder of G2G Ministries Inc. said jokingly during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

The black conservative and Trump supporter who serves as a pastor in Florida is one of the founders of Conservative Clergy of Color, a new coalition that aims to change the public conversation about race.

The group "will focus on reshaping the idea of systemic racism by focusing on where it is most rampant; the foundations of the Democratic Party," according to a launch announcement.

"We're shining the light on the false narratives that are out there and saying, 'Wait a minute, we're not Black, we're not just Spanish. First of all, we happen to be Christian, and we believe in this great nation. We believe in being patriots as some of our grandparents, as in my case who died in the war by the way, and we're saying we love America," Shines told Just the News.

Shines highlighted the significant level of violence and murder in Chicago and called out the mainstream media for its lack of coverage. 

He also pushed back against the practice of painting police officers with a broad negative brush.

"So when I see these pontificators out there talking about how horrible the police are from the mainstream media it's sad because it's not a reality," he said. 

"And by the way what would happen, and we already have the numbers, if those officers were not serving the poorest of our black and white communities in this nation? You're talking about pure anarchism that's going on," he continued.

Shines described the "false narrative" as "disheartening" and said that "it's unfair to the men and women that do serve our communities."

Some people are rethinking their lifelong voting patterns and may decide to vote differently in the future, Shines argues.

"Now they're saying wait a minute, the party that we've been voting for is the party that's telling us to defund the police department," he said. "How about if we look at a different ideologue position and begin to vote for people that don't see it the way that the media is telling us to see it? Maybe we should look at another party that's saying, 'No this is the wrong way to go. We're here to support you, and by the way we will actually increase the police numbers.' John, this is why you're seeing this paradigm shift that's going on in America right now and especially in the Black and Hispanic community."

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