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Rising country Christian star says Nashville recording industry going too woke for audience

Owens said she received "a little bit of flack from Nashville" when she decided to release her latest album American Patriot

Published: July 6, 2022 8:51pm

Updated: July 6, 2022 10:54pm

Contemporary Christian and country music artists are deviating from traditional faith-based values due to the "woke" culture seeping through Nashville, says rising country Christian music star Natasha Owens.

She told "Just the News, Not Noise" that when she decided to release her latest album, American Patriot, she received "a little bit of flack from Nashville... warning me, 'You shouldn't go down this path.'"

Owens said she decided to deviate from her traditional Christian music with a patriotic album because "we live in a time that is dark, and us as Christians need to be a lighthouse on the top of the hill, and that's what America is, with all of its faults, this is still the greatest country on Earth."

Having struggled with mental health herself, Owens has used her challenges to influence her music and worked as an advocate for others.

"...People are really worried about the status of America today and where we're going and there is a heaviness out there. Everybody's going through something faith-shaking. So me, with my mental health background, as well as, you know, my faith background, I'm able to just shine a light and bring them that [message that] God's got everything under control and it's going to be okay," she told editor-in-chief John Solomon and co-host Amanda Head.

When asked why more country music artists are not promoting traditional Christian and conservative values like they once were, Owens pointed to what she sees as an invasion of liberal culture into conservative areas.

"I blame it completely on the culture that Nashville is turning into. It's very woke. It's very – I call it hipsterish – and so it's a culture that's changing with everybody from around the country around the globe, kind of invading Nashville and moving into it," she explained. "Same thing's happening here in Texas. The culture is changing. And so I blame it on that. I think that more outside influence from more liberal states are coming in and it's influencing people in a negative way."

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