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Sen. Cruz during Twitter back and forth with The Daily Show: 'I wear your scorn with pride'

"I wear your scorn with pride. I remember when the Daily Show was funny," Cruz tweeted.

Updated: April 29, 2021 - 11:48am

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Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday tweeted after Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, did a segment in which he showed a photo of the Texas Republican.

Noah discussed the news that New York, which will lose a House seat based on the 2020 Census, would not have lost the seat if it had a mere 89 additional people.

"Now aside from New York getting screwed, the big news out of the census is that America's population grew at the slowest rate since the 1930's. Basically, immigration is down and the birth rate is falling, primarily due to this photo," Noah said, at which point a photo of Sen. Cruz popped onto the screen. "I don't know exactly what that says, but I do know that the 1930's sucked for America. I mean there was the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, everything was black and white, and if you wanted somewhere to sit, you needed to climb a half-built sky scraper," Noah said.

Cruz retweeted the video and commented: "Trevor Noah whines that people are fleeing high-tax blue states & moving in droves to low-tax states like Texas, where the jobs are. Doesn’t understand why people like freedom. Also predicts the Biden years will be the Great Depression."

The Daily Show Twitter account fired back: "Not sure I'd be using the words 'fleeing' and 'Texas' in the same sentence, Senator Cancun."

Cruz responded: "I wear your scorn with pride. I remember when the Daily Show was funny."

The Daily Show answered: "And with that Ted Cruz has officially fought back harder against a tweet from a late night show than he ever did when Trump called his wife ugly."


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