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US Judge gives a lecture on free speech at Notre Dame after being shouted down at Stanford

A law professor at Notre Dame told the students to be respectful of the Trump-appointed judge who spoke there.

March 25, 2023 4:36pm

Updated: March 25, 2023 4:36pm

U.S. District Judge Kyle Duncan gave a lecture on the topic of free speech and the First Amendment at Notre Dame after being shouted down at Stanford. 

During his Notre Dame speech, Duncan said that there's a "vital tradition of free speech in this country" and that students have the right to protest him.

"It's a great country, where you can harshly criticize federal judges and nothing bad will happen to you. You might even get praised or promoted," he continued. "But make no mistake. What went on in that classroom on March the 9th had nothing to do with our proud American tradition of free speech. It was rather a parody of it."

At the beginning of March, Duncan gave a speech at Stanford and was heckled loudly by the students and was unable to continue. Multiple staff at Stanford did nothing to intervene. 

A professor at Notre Dame's law school, Philip Munoz, is the one who invited Duncan, according to the Epoch Times.

He told the students not to interrupt him and to be respectful to the Trump-appointed judge.

"Notre Dame is especially good at doing free speech," Munoz said.

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