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TV star Kirk Cameron to help lead protest against California restrictions on churches

Former Growing Pains star says California is wrong to consider churches "nonessential."

Updated: October 16, 2020 - 11:43pm

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Former TV star and devout Christian Kirk Cameron will help lead a massive worship service this weekend in California to draw attention to a state order that has deemed religious services "nonessential" during the pandemic and has prohibited them from being held.

"We want the church to wake up and for people to live out their faith," the former "Growing Pains" star told the "John Solomon Reports" podcast.

The event, in Chino Hills, is named "Nonessential," which highlights that houses of worship remain shuttered while such establishments as abortion clinics, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores are allowed to remain open. 

As many as 2,500 worshipers are expected to attend, filling the church to capacity. Organizers hope the online broadcast reaches millions like the similar event earlier in the year that had 19 million viewers.

Just the News' social platforms will broadcast the event live, and it will also be on the website

Cameron will be joined at the event by other Christian conservative speakers like Dinesh D'Souza and Charlie Kirk.

When the government starts to "sit in the seat of the ultimate authority, they don't want the faith, they don't want the church to get in the way, and that's when you start to see churches persecuted," Cameron said. "Historically, it leads to a totalitarian power that will destroy the church or at the very least silence the church and the faith and marginalize it so that it's useless."

Cameron says the cure has been worse than the disease, and the church must wake up, stand up and vote.

"The heart of man is in desperate need of a transformation, and that only comes through the power of God, and that's why we want to wake the church, he said.