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Retiring Pentagon official says UFO activity is either aliens or 'other people' and 'not good'

If the UFO activity isn't extraterrestrial, then it could mean foreign agents, Sean Kirkpatrick said.

Published: November 10, 2023 11:44am

A retiring head of a Pentagon office that investigates UFO activity told Politico that unidentified flying object activity is either from foreign countries or the result of extraterrestrials.

Sean Kirkpatrick, a physicist who is the head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), is retiring after an 18-year stint with the the federal government.

Kirkpatrick co-authored a draft academic paper, which was leaked online, speculating that the unidentified objects AARO is studying could be alien probes studying Earth.

Kirkpatrick told Politico that it would be a welcome outcome if it were proven to be true, because if it’s not activity from extraterrestrials, then it means a much bigger problem.

“If we don’t prove it’s aliens, then what we’re finding is evidence of other people doing stuff in our backyard, and that’s not good,” Kirkpatrick said in the Politico interview, indicating it would mean the objects are from foreign countries.

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