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California Governor Gavin Newsom launches gun safety web site

Last year the Governor signed two new gun control bills into law.

June 6, 2023 11:00pm

Updated: June 6, 2023 11:00pm

(The Center Square) - Monday California launched a new gun safety website with a menu that covers important information on gun violence restraining orders, gun violence prevention tools, responding to an active shooter, resources for survivors of gun violence and California’s gun laws. The resources can be accessed in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Vietnamese, Tagalog/Filipino, Korean, and Armenian.

The launch of, coincides with National Gun Violence Awareness Month in June.

“California is taking aggressive and relentless action to end the unbearable tragedy of gun violence,” Governor Gavin Newsom said.

The site highlights instructions on how to secure a Gun Violence Restraining Order, or GVRO. The order suspends an individual's right to possess a firearm and ammunition through a court order. The action is temporary and intended to be used as a tool to prevent a person from harming themselves or others. The request for the gun violence restraining order can be filed by a family member, roommate, co-worker, teacher, dating partner or law enforcement.

Newsom stated, “While other states remain complacent in the face of recurring, gut-wrenching tragedy, California is making it easier than ever to access commonsense tools like Gun Violence Restraining Orders to protect our communities.”

Last year the Governor signed two new gun control bills into law. SB 1327 allows Californians to sue those making, selling, transporting or distributing illegal assault weapons and ghost guns for damages to the tune of $10,000 per weapon involved. AB 1594 allows the state, local governments, and Californians to sue gun makers.

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services announced an $11 million statewide campaign in 2022. The website will fall under its purview to educate the population on how to secure a Gun Violence Restraining Order and raise awareness.

Despite the strictest gun laws of all states earning California an A grade by the Gifford Law Center, every three hours someone is killed with a gun in California, and nearly half of all domestic violence homicides involve guns.

Black men account for 31% of the victims of homicides in California although they make up less than 4% of California’s population.

More than half the states were given an F by the Giffords Law Center which advocates to end gun violence through a cultural shift, mobilized voters, and challenges to injustice. The center helps draft and defend gun laws.

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