Facebook to pay $725m in Cambridge Analytica data-sharing case

Company did not admit wrongdoing in case, which rocked tech world in 2018.

Updated: December 24, 2022 - 4:00pm

Facebook parent company Meta this week said it would pay a walloping $725 million as part of a settlement in the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal that saw the social media company accused of sharing user data with another tech firm.

Meta itself in the settlement filed on Thursday did not explicitly admit wrongdoing in the case. The class-action suit reportedly covers up to 280 million people, representing the total number of Facebook users from mid-2007 to this month. 

The revelations regarding the data-sharing were revealed in 2018. Cambridge Analytica reportedly harvested the data of nearly 90 million users. 

Facebook previously agreed to pay a $5 billion fine levied by the FTC pursuant to the scandal.