Bauer and Rose: Biden Media Scrambling to cover up their cover-up

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In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Tom Rose and Gary Bauer delve into a variety of pressing issues dominating today's headlines. They kick off with a satirical critique of the New York Times' focus on Elon Musk's spaceport allegedly endangering a snowy plover egg, highlighting the media's bias against Musk and conservative billionaires. The conversation quickly shifts to the Biden administration's ongoing struggles, from Joe Biden's cognitive decline to the media's sudden pivot against him. Tom and Gary dissect the Democratic Party's internal turmoil and the strategic maneuvers aimed at maintaining power, even at the expense of national security and public trust.

They also examine the broader implications of recent elections in France and the UK, drawing parallels to the American political landscape. The hosts discuss the rise of Marxist and Islamist alliances in Europe and the potential consequences for Western civilization. They critique the Republican Party's lackluster response to election integrity issues and the dangers of complacency in the face of leftist tactics.

In a lighter segment, Gary recounts a poignant moment involving Joe Biden's apparent snub of a young Black girl at a campaign event, contrasting it with Donald Trump's genuine interactions with everyday Americans. The episode wraps up with a scathing critique of Joe Biden's character and a defense of Donald Trump's policies and personal sacrifices for the country.

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