Bauer and Rose: Coming to America - ISIS Jihad

American University, Washington, D.C., Nov. 1, 2023, insert: Antisemitism complaint evidence

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose engage in a robust discussion on the current state of American culture and politics. The episode kicks off with a critical look at the recent beauty pageant winners and what they symbolize about societal values and cultural Marxism. They delve into the left's disdain for traditional aesthetics and architecture, using these examples to highlight broader issues of truth and beauty in society.

The conversation transitions to a serious analysis of the Hamas strategy and its implications for Israel and the United States. Tom Rose provides an in-depth look at the recent Wall Street Journal story on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, revealing the terror group's tactics and the tragic reality of their strategy. The hosts draw connections between these events and the broader Islamist insurgency strategies seen historically and in modern times.

Gary and Tom also discuss the impact of American foreign policy on Israel, particularly the perceived pressures from the Biden administration on Israeli actions. They explore the growing frustration within Israel regarding U.S. interference and the broader geopolitical implications of these dynamics.

The episode further examines the alarming rise of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States, drawing parallels to historical events and discussing the potential consequences for American Jews. The hosts critique the inconsistent enforcement of laws and the apparent double standards in handling different types of protests and crimes.

Finally, the discussion touches on the ongoing legal and political battles faced by former President Donald Trump, highlighting the relentless efforts to undermine him through various means. The hosts express concerns about the broader implications of these actions for American democracy and the rule of law.

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