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Bauer and Rose: The Democrat Party is now the party of the mob: stranding motorists, shutting down airports is fine if you support Hamas, but if you sing hymns outside an abortion center, it's off to prison for you

Palestine Protest, March 30, 2024, New York City

On this episode, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose tackle the nuances of accountability and the distortion of facts in the media's coverage of Israel's conflict with Hamas. They reveal Hamas' admission that drastically reduces reported casualties, challenging the prevailing narrative and underscoring the terrorist organization's responsibility for civilian deaths.

They then turn their focus to President Biden's foreign policy, dissecting his ineffective deterrence strategy. They argue that Biden's calls for de-escalation only serve to embolden adversaries like Iran, while his administration's actions undermine America's allies.

Later, Bauer and Rose draw stark comparisons between the treatment of pro-life activists and pro-Hamas demonstrators, exposing a chilling double standard in American law enforcement and the judicial system.

They also delve into the political persecution of Donald Trump, critiquing the judicial process that seeks to silence him through what they describe as a "kangaroo witch trial."

Finally, Tom and Gary talk about the erosion of journalistic integrity at NPR and the broader implications of a media landscape that no longer values objectivity.

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