Bauer and Rose: Democrats Openly planning their own insurrection + the Real Reason Biden embargoing Arms to Israel

President Joe Biden

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose dive into the latest controversies and political maneuvers shaking the foundations of American democracy and international relations. The episode kicks off with a humorous yet critical discussion on the Washington Post's controversial hiring decisions during Pride Month, highlighting the backlash and internal conflicts within the newsroom.

The conversation takes a serious turn as Gary and Tom analyze the alarming revelations from America First Legal about the DHS intel group's surveillance tactics targeting Trump supporters, military personnel, and religious individuals. They discuss the broader implications of these actions for civil liberties and the potential for increased domestic spying under a second Biden administration.

Also, Gary and Tom outline the dire consequences of a second Biden term, including more censorship, a nuclear Iran, higher taxes, increased federal regulations, and the erosion of constitutional liberties. They emphasize the potential for a weaponized justice system and the long-term impact on American democracy.

Later, Tom and Gary address the Biden administration's slow-walking of arms to Israel, examining the strategic objectives of Hezbollah and the potential dangers for Israel's national security. They criticize the U.S. government's actions as undermining Israel's ability to defend itself against Hezbollah and discuss the broader geopolitical implications.

Finally, Gary and Tom reflect on the cultural and societal challenges facing America, from the influence of woke ideology to the threats posed by external adversaries. They stress the need for strong leadership and a unified effort to defend the values that underpin Western civilization.

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