Bauer and Rose: Ditching the pro-Dem Presidential Debate Commission w/ Dana Trump-Basher and Fake-Jake Tapper?

CNN's Jake Tapper

On this episode, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose offer their analysis on the latest political maneuvers and the implications for America's future. As Biden suddenly expresses a willingness to debate after years of advocating against normalizing certain contentious figures, the duo speculates on the motivations behind this abrupt change. Is it a reaction to unfavorable polls or a strategic move to pre-empt party dissent?

They also dissect the conditions of the proposed debate, humorously critiquing the absurdity of some demands and the potential biases of suggested moderators. The conversation takes a serious turn as they delve into the ongoing legal drama in New York, questioning the integrity of the judicial process and its potential impact on Trump's political future.

Moreover, the episode touches on the alarming developments in U.S.-Israel relations, with Bauer and Rose condemning the Biden administration's arms embargo against Israel and its catastrophic consequences. They challenge the media's failure to fact-check and hold the administration accountable for its actions.

The discourse extends to the broader cultural and ideological war, highlighting the importance of defending Western civilization's core values against those who seek to undermine them. Bauer and Rose's dynamic exchange is a clarion call to listeners, urging them to stand firm and recognize the gravity of the moment.

The duo discusses the ongoing New York trial against Trump, the jury's perceptions, and the broader implications for American democracy.

Bauer and Rose condemn the Biden administration's arms embargo against Israel and criticize the media's lack of fact-checking.

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