Bauer and Rose: The terrifying global consequences of Biden Debate Debacle


In this episode, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose dissect the explosive aftermath of the recent debate debacle, where the glaring contrasts between President Biden and his opponent were on full display. They kick off with a critical examination of the media's role in perpetuating lies about Biden's condition, highlighting the sudden shift in the narrative as media figures scramble to cover their tracks.

Gary and Tom delve into the physical and mental disparities between the candidates, with Biden's apparent lack of vigor and coherence raising serious concerns. They discuss the strategic blunders, such as the insistence on a split screen during the debate, which only served to magnify Biden's frailties. The hosts also explore the implications of Biden's health issues, including his late-night outing to a pancake house, potentially spreading illness among his supporters.

The conversation takes a sobering turn as they contemplate the dangers of a leaderless America over the next seven months. They stress that Biden's policies, not just his physical and mental state, are the real threat, and any replacement would likely continue the same detrimental agenda. The international ramifications are also considered, with adversaries like China and Iran potentially exploiting this period of vulnerability.

Gary and Tom reflect on the media's obliteration in the wake of the debate, pointing out how the press has been complicit in propping up Biden. They emphasize the need for vigilance and strong leadership as the country navigates these perilous times. The episode concludes with a heartfelt plea for prayers for Donald Trump, underscoring the gravity of the current political landscape and the existential threats facing the republic.

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