Charlie Kirk: GOP states should not be giving 'one red cent of taxpayer dollars’ to ‘woke’ college humanities dept

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, discusses his new book launching today, “The College Scam”, highlighting the different arguments for why obtaining higher education is not indicative of a successful career or being highly educated. Kirk describes how "40% of people that enter college will drop out," and of the "23 million active college students in America right now, only 6 million will end up getting a job in a field of the subject that they’re studying." Commenting, "the rest of the world can't quite understand why America has a system where we send our most prized possession, our nation's young people, into a infrastructure that is designed to make them hate the very country they were raised in, make them question very basic truths, and then put forward this woke ideology that is an idea pathogen that is designed to destroy the West.” Kirk's solution to combat this, is that rather than through the “federal level,” red states should go after the "woke" humanities departments with a mandate of not giving a "single red cent of taxpayers dollars" if anti-America, woke ideology is taught. Saying, this is "a moderate and prudent way to really push back against the college cartel."