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Devin Nunes: FBI's $1M payment for Steele dossier, 'a bounty program to get Donald Trump,’ no other way to explain it

Devin Nunes-Hearing

Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, discusses breaking news, that within the last 24 hours the truth social app has finally made it finally into the Google Play Store, It is now available in both of the largest smartphone stores in the United States. Nunes also discusses the Danchenko trial and the breakings news that FBI could not corroboate the Steele dossier, so they offered $1 million dollars to Christopher Steele right before the 2016 election, in effort to verify it. The former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says, "I don't know how you describe this million dollar payment or potential payment to Steele as anything other than what it was, a bounty program to get Donald Trump. That's what it was plain and simple. Steele was being paid already by the FBI, and then they go and offer him $1 million dollars to corroborate the dossier. Now, John, you've been around Washington DC a long time, you probably have a lot more experience than I do. But there are not too many awards out there that are in that $1 million dollar range. I mean, it seems like I remember that Osama bin Laden, there was like a $25 million reward and I think that might have been the largest ever."

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