Dick Cheney tapped Fauci to be a biodefense official, not top health official says Author-Journalist Rindsberg

Fauci among several sued for allegedly blocking free speech
Ashley Rindsberg, author of the ‘The Gray Lady Winked,’ explains the correlation and history behind how Dick Cheney led to the rise of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The former Vice President in the aftermath of September 11th was looking to "create a biodefense strategy, as he started to understand that the next frontier of warfare would be partially waged with bio-weapons.” The Journalist says that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was created with this intent in mind, with Dr. Anthony Fauci being appointed to head this new agency, "as a biodefense national security official.” Rindsberg comments that during the pandemic the mainstream media spun a narrative to persuade the public that Dr. Fauci was the top health official, when in-fact that was never in his job description.

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