Saying the quiet part out loud on: Pride Month hypocrisy, Biden’s age and Trump’s new polling with Chrissy Clark

Furthermore with Amanda Head Episode 33

On this episode of the podcast, host Amanda Head is joined by Chrissy Clark, the creator of "Underreported Stories," as they explore a range of compelling topics. They emphasize the importance of conservative participation in culture and media, dissect the controversies of Pride Month, and examine the increasing political polarization within the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, Amanda and Chrissy analyze the latest presidential election poll data between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, just ten days before their scheduled presidential debate hosted by CNN. While making election predictions and expressing skepticism about poll accuracy, they detail the political issues that continue to resonate with all voters such as illegal immigration and Biden’s age.

In a recent video that went viral on X from an LA fundraiser hosted by several popular actors, President Biden was seen staring into the crowd blankly as they clapped for him. He ultimately had to be rescued and escorted off the stage by former President Barack Obama. Nevertheless, throughout the discussion, the hosts stress the paramount importance of prioritizing America first.

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