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AG Landry on Big Tech collusion: How many may have died 'because Fauci decided something was misinformation'

Fauci among several sued for allegedly blocking free speech

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry discusses the shocking revelation made last week in his Big Tech- Government collusion lawsuit that indentified "45 federal officials at DHS, CISA, CDC, NIAD, the Office of the Surgeon General, and HHS communicated with social media platforms about misinformation and censorship.” The Attorney General goes on saying, "Facebook identified 32 federal officials, including senior officials at the FDA, the US elections assistant commission, and the White House that have communicated with Facebook about content moderation on their platform. We found out that CDC was holding monthly meetings, censorship meetings with Facebook, and that senior Facebook officials are communicating directly with the Surgeon General about what they put on their platform.” Landry also comments that the Judge allowing questions and sworn interrogatory from Dr. Anthony Fauci, he couldn’t wait to “uncover that treasure chest.” Saying, Dr. Fauci’s recent retirement announcement, "is not going to save him," "that I can guarantee you, I want to know everything that Dr. Fauci hid from the American people.” Commenting, "we don't know about all the therapeutically that might have been hidden that could have saved people's lives. I mean, how many people may have died unnecessarily, because Anthony Fauci decided that something was misinformation."

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