Dr. Jeff Myers: Polling finds just 5-8% of Americans anti-US, but main drivers of culture war narrative

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Dr. Jeff Myers, founder of Summit Ministries, discusses recent polling that shows what American actually believes, saying that "a lot of polls are just designed to push people toward having a certain viewpoint, we're trying to figure out what Americans actually believe, and it turns out that 5-8% of Americans hate everything, they hate America, they wish this country would fall.” Commenting, "but most people are common sense, two-thirds or more, they respect the biblical morality that you see in the pages of Scripture. For example, 72% of Americans said they think the values done in the Bible are essential for a healthy American society, 82% of African Americans said that, so the stories we're being given about the conflicts we face in our culture, are being generated by 5 to 8% of the people and foisted on the rest of us." 

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