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Ex-National Security adviser: Blowing up parts of Nord Stream pipeline, ‘kind of thing Putin would order’

L: President Joe Biden Jan. 19, 2022, Washington, D.C.., R: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Buenos Aires, Nov. 30, 2018

Fred Fleitz, former Chief of Staff to Trump National Security Council, discusses reports of explosions Tuesday that caused the Nord Stream pipeline to start leaking. Fleitz comments that this type of action “would have had to be done by a nation state, these pipelines are 200 to 300 feet below water, frogmen can only operate at about 20 feet, they’re in heavy steel surrounded by concrete.” The vice-chair of America First Policy Institute says that a number of countries could do this, saying its unlikely that the United States might be responsible, saying he doesn’t believe that Biden “has the backbone to order a covert action to do that, I think it was probably Putin. But if it was United States, if Biden did order this, that is a covert action that has to be reported to Congress, and I think that action would be extremely difficult to justify, I also think that evidence of it would leak. My guess is that Putin did it, but I am hoping Congress will be asking questions.”