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Feminist advocate likens media cancel culture to ‘Salem witch trials’, people opting out of social media to follow

Rachel Levine

Lauren Adams, Legal Director for Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), the largest feminist organization in the country, discusses woke policies that are leading to censorship of women’s rights advocates across the board. Adams describes WoLF being recently de-platformed on a fundraising website for their vocal opposition to a California law that allows biologically intact men, claiming to be transgender, to be housed with women in prisons. The legal director says that the consequences coming off of all the recent woke policies are all “natural and predictable consequences”, that “we can expect to see more of as time goes on”. Commenting on the recent controversies concerning Lia Thomas winning the NCAA women’s swimming tournament and Rachel Levine being named “woman of the year”, Adam says both instances you already seeing the “taking away of opportunities for women to compete”.  Going on to say, just in these two isolated instances, “look at how many women were displaced by his participation.” Commenting that current media censorship prioritizing transgender rights over women’s is a “moral panic” and is “unsustainable”, which will lead to more people “opting out” of social media. 

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