GOP Rep Crane says he’ll ‘take all the slings and arrows’ of shutting down gov’t to win largest spending decrease in decades

Freedom Caucus, Andy Biggs, Washington, D.C., March 28, 2023

Arizona Congressman Eli Crane discusses the U.S. surpassing $33Trillion in debt today and the likelihood of a federal government shutdown. Crane says that the shutdown is about so much more than just going against Republican leadership but is about giving government accountability after years of the American people knowing there’s not only a two-tiered system of justice but also “two levels of financial accountability.” Crane comments, that even with the current plan of 8% decrease in discretionary spending, the largest cut in decades, it’s not “enough.” Saying, he and his other House Freedom Caucus members “understand the financial crisis that this country is in, and the only way that this town will ever change is, is if they're forced to change. And that's why it requires many of us to hold the line and say no, and stand in the gap and take all the slings and arrows and that's what we're doing.”

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