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Jack Posobiec: China watching every move on Russia-Ukraine War, see U.S. “powerless” to defend “Allies”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Jack Posobiec, Host of Human Events Daily, talks about his accurate prediction six-months ago that a war was brewing in Eastern Europe, saying at the time, that Poland had been historically a key indicator as to rising tensions in the region, as ‘territorial disputes in Poland have a way of spilling out and creating larger wars’. He says that the situation now is a game of chess, between NATO countries having to entire into the conflict and escalate the war “way bigger than the current situation”. Posobiec comments that China is watching every move happening right now, and “understand that the United States is weak”, after the events in Kabul, Kiev, and “seem totally powerless to defend people that they claim as their Allies.”

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