Kash Patel sues FBI director, former DOJ officials over secret targeting of personal records during RussiaGate

Kash Patel, Minden, Nev., Oct. 8, 2022

Kash Patel files lawsuit against the FBI and Department of Justice after the agencies obtained a subpoena for his personal records in November 2017 during his time working as a investigator for House Intelligence Committee during its investigation into the DOJ’s conduct during Crossfire Hurricane, now referred largely as RussiaGate. Patel was unaware of the subpoena until December 2022, when he was notified by Google about it. Patel says in 2017,  that move, in and of itself was so shocking, that idea that essentially the Attorney General for the whole RussiaGate investigation threatened the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and his senior staffers, because we were uncovering corruption that preceded them. And what we would learn later is they were in on the corruption cover up. That's why they threatened us, it wasn't a lie.” Additional interview Texas Representative Steve Toth over the acquittal of Ken Paxton. 

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