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Oversight Member Rep. Burlison says James Biden testimony explanation of his loan repayment to brother was ‘reaching’ at best

Joe Biden, James Biden, Aug. 27, 2008, Denver, Colo.

Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison says the President’s brother James explanation of his loan repayments to Joe Biden stood out to him from his testimony to the House Oversight Committee Wednesday, as the explanation was “reaching” at best. “For him to say that he had too many student loan bills that racked up or that he had...Something with a home that they had in Florida where it was hit by a hurricane, those were very suspect issues,” says Rep. Burlison. Additional interviews Dr. Peter McCullough on the damage that COVID misinformation has done to the medical community and Just the News Investigative Reporter Steven Richards on James Biden’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee this week. 

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