Pollster Rasmussen: Majority of Americans saying they’re worse off under Biden, good measure for November

Kamala Harris

Veteran Pollster Scott Rasmussen says recent polling coming out on public opinion on campus protests, economy, and the Trump criminal cases. Rasmussen points out that just shy of six months to Election Day, are good indicators for predicting the winner. “37% of voters say they are better off and 56% say they're not. And you know, those are horrible numbers if you're the incumbent. The reason that I find it humorous, is a lot of people on the Biden side of the aisle are mocking Donald Trump for asking that question. Because in their minds, obviously, things were worse four years ago, but again, they're just kind of misreading where the public is on this issue, and some others as well,” says Rasmussen. Additional interview with Heritage Foundation’ Paul Dans on star witness Michael Cohen’s testimony in the Trump criminal trial in New York City.

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