Rep. Austin Scott says 'people need to go to prison,' for FBI offering $1M for Russiagate's Steele dossier


Rep. Austin Scott discusses breaking news from the Danchecko Trial yesterday, which revealed that the FBI could not corroborate the Steele dossier, so they tried to offer $1 million dollars to Christopher Steele right before the 2016 election to verify it, to which he declined. John Durham also revealed that the FBI then went to the FISA courts and submitted the dossier as verified and validated evidence, knowing that it wasn’t true in an effort to mislead Congress on Trump-Russia collusion narrative. The Georgia Congressman comments, that "people need to get a prison for that. We need an FBI that functions in an apolitical manner, and they have brought tremendous amounts of shame to that institution.” Saying, that when Republicans win back the House, he hopes that this will be one of the first investigations, because “there’s more than a smoking gun there, it’s an actual fire."

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