Rep. Grothman: GOP Senators supporting border bill indistinguishable from Dems: Not acting ‘like party of Reagan right now’

Border, migrants, Jacumba, Calif., Nov. 24, 2023

Rep. Glenn Grothman slams new border bill coming out of the United States Senate and Republican support, saying it makes the GOP indistinguishable from Democrats, “Republicans who support this in the Senate don't seem like the party of Reagan right now,” said Rep. Grothman.  Additional interview with ‘America First Legal’ Deputy Director of Investigations John Zadrozny walks through the highlights of the newly released bipartisan Senate border bill, explaining that the “terrible bill” being put forth by “useful idiot Republicans like Senator Lankford,” in short, seeks to codify the Biden administrations catch-and-release policy into law, funds sanctuary cities, and allows over 1 million illegal immigrants to cross into America before it allows “so-called additional powers” to be given to the administration, which already is less powers than already afforded to it by the current law, explained Zadrozny.

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