Rep. Steube plans to refer Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for criminal prosecution, alleging ‘he lied to Congress’

Jack Dorsey

Congressman Greg Steube says he plans to criminally refer former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for alleging lying to Congress in the wake of the releasing of the ‘Twitter Files’ by Elon Musk. The Florida Representative comments that Dorsey, “testified in multiple different committees over the last several years. And in my opinion, he lied to Congress, which is a felony an a offense. And if the Michael Cohen's of the world, who worked for Trump, can get prosecuted for it than [Dorsey] should too.” Steube comments that, “the great thing about the Republican majority in the House, regardless of what happened in the Senate, is we have subpoena power now, oversight authority now, and the ability to call these people in, put them under oath and make prosecutorial referrals to the DOJ.” Saying, “in my opinion, Jack Dorsey lied to Congress and we highlighted a bunch of tweets where we mirrored what he said in these different committees, with what has now been dumped, and we know to be a fact. They knew what was going on, they were 100%, censoring individuals, and he lied to Congress. And there needs to be some accountability for that, not just for Republicans who work for Trump, but for anybody that breaks our law in our country.”

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