Steve Moore: Dems $700B Manchin deal ‘pouring kerosene on a forest fire,’ as US heads into recession

Steve Moore, a former adviser to President Trump, discusses America’s GDP restricting for a second time, the media redefining the definition of recession, and Sen. Manchin recent $700 Billion deal with Senate Democrats over bill to address taxes and climate change. Moore comments on Democrats deal with Senator Joe Manchin, which would pour around $700 Billion into the economy, that this is “pouring kerosene on a forest fire,” and he could not "think of anything dumber” to do as the United States heads into a recession. Commenting, that "Joe Manchin is just playing us all along,” doing the opposite of everything he said for the last nine mothing, saying, this bill will continue to destroy American energy, and "will flood the economy with wind and solar subsidies, so West Virginia would be the big loser.” Moore, now an economic adviser at the Heritage Foundation, describes this is a "recession on people's take home pay," that “since Biden became President, the average family has lost $4,000 a year in purchasing power."