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Western Energy Alliance warns U.S. of adopting European EV climate policies that have already proven failure

Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion attend a protest against the expansion of Stansted Airport on 29 August 2020 in Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom.

Kathleen Sgamma, President of Western Energy Alliance warns Americans of following after European electric vehicle and climate change mandates after the continents recent reversal of once revolutionary policies. Sgamma says, these policies once heralded have gotten Germany “into real trouble and they have the second highest electricity rates in Europe because they just didn't have enough energy. [The U.S. is now] sending natural gas to Germany, and they have increased their coal production and use because wind and solar don't work, they only work a portion of the time, and they have to be backed up. So we see what's happened in Europe, we know that Europe has backed off of EV mandates. But now we have all these other states following and saying we're all going to be EV’s by 2030 or 2035. Well, Europe has backed off on their EV mandates, because they know they don't have the electricity to power them and they know that consumers don't want them.” Remarking, “there are literally car lots full of electric vehicles in China that can't be sold for acres and acres with weeds growing on them. Because people don't want a vehicle that they can't charge or it doesn't have the range, it's too expensive.”