Director of Hispanic media for GOP says Latino support for Trump is increasing across nation

Yali Nunez says Hispanics don't want to see socialist policies that they escaped.

Updated: October 2, 2020 - 1:27pm

Support for President Trump within the Latino community is increasing in large part because of its record-high employment and concerns about Democrats' increasing socialist policies, says Yali Nunez, the Trump campaign's director for Hispanic media.

"The socialist policies that are coming out from the Democrat Party right now scare Hispanics," Nunez told "Just the News AM" host Carrie Sheffield on Thursday, explaining that Hispanic voters don't want to see the socialism many of them escaped replicated "here in the United States."

While Trump's Democrat challenger Joe Biden entered the 2020 race as a moderate, the increasingly powerful progressive wing of his party, which embraces parts of the socialist agenda, has been influential in shaping his policy platforms. 

"Venezuelans and Cubans, among other Hispanics, have come to the United States for the American dream, and that would not be possible with Joe Biden," Nunez also said. 

The unemployment rate for Hispanics under Trump dropped to a record-low 3.9% last year and remain at that level until the pandemic hit in March. 

"They want to see growth, they want to see their communities protected, and they have seen an improvement under the Trump administration," Nunez said. 

Steve Cortes, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, later in the day told "The Water Cooler" host David Brody that Hispanics are drawn to President Trump and his campaign for three major reasons.

"No. 1 is we're trying a serious, consistent, respectful outreach to members of the Hispanic community," he said. "Contrast that with Joe Biden who's largely ignored them."

Cortes said the second reason is that Hispanics are generally conservative people — religiously politically, culturally — and are rejecting the Democratic Party of 2020 that "lurches to the left."

"And then finally," he said, "I think the economy matters to all Americans, of course, but Hispanics are the most entrepreneurial demographic in America. This president has been fantastic for startups."