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‘He needs to be shot’: Democrat quickly walks back on-air comment about Trump

Plaskett quickly corrected herself during the on-air discussion.

Published: June 19, 2023 10:31am

Democratic Delegate Stacey Plaskett drew considerable attention after saying on national television that Trump should be  "shot" during a live television appearance. 

Plaskett’s comment was made during an MSNBC interview Sunday on Trump’s recent indictment, where she said that the former President having "not only… the codes, but now having the classified information for Americans" in Mar-a-Lago for "anyone and everyone," she continued "should be terrifying to all Americans and he needs to be shot-- stopped," she said.

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The remark drew wide reaction from conservatives online, with many like Newsbusters' Kevin Tober suggesting her statement may have been a "Freudian slip."

"Quite the Freudian slip from Stacey Plaskett," another user wrote on Twitter.

After correcting herself, Plaskett said Trump will "have his day in court," but called it "propaganda" to claim that Biden's FBI and DOJ are carrying out a two-tiered system of justice evidence by arresting Trump, Biden's chief political rival for 2024.

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