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Trump and UAW feud intensifies after union president endorses Biden

Fain endorsed President Joe Biden for 2024 last month, saying he has "earned it."

Published: February 3, 2024 11:44am

The feud between the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and former President Donald Trump has intensified following union President Shawn Fain's endorsement of President Joe Biden for 2024.  

Trump criticized Fain on his TRUTH Social account, calling him a “dope” and a “stiff."

“Shawn Fain doesn’t understand this or have a clue," Trump wrote. “Get rid of this dope & vote for DJT. I will bring the Automobile Industry back to our Country.”

Fain endorsed President Biden for re-election in 2024 last month, saying he has "earned it."

Earlier this week while on CNN’s “The Source,” Fain said that he couldn't see “any way in hell” that Trump would be getting a labor union endorsement. 

“The man stands against everything that working-class people stand for, that organized labor stands for. You know, look, they chose to entertain visiting with candidates, and that’s a path they chose," Fain said about the Teamsters union meeting with Trump, according to The Hill.

Trump had urged auto workers to resist the Biden administration's electric vehicles push, warning it would kill the industry. 

“He bought into Biden’s ‘vision’ of all electric vehicles, which require far fewer workers to make each car but, more importantly, are not wanted in large numbers by the consumer, and will ALL be made in China,” Trump wrote on Truth Social last weekend. ”I want them to be made in the USA, every type of car, and would require China, and other countries, through TARIFFS, or otherwise, to build plants here, with our workers.”

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