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Trump says Biden’s behavior warrants impeachment inquiry: ‘More aliases than Al Capone’

Twice impeached and acquitted, former president urges Republicans to be fair and determine whether Biden benefited from son’s foreign money

Published: August 31, 2023 6:07pm

Updated: August 31, 2023 6:25pm

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday threw his support behind launching an impeachment inquiry against his successor, but urged House Republicans to conduct such a probe fairly and to determine once and for all whether Joe Biden financially benefitted from his son Hunter’s overseas business exploits.

Trump told Just the News that the evidence gathered by House Oversight Chairman James Comer against President Biden – from three pseudonym email accounts, suspicious bank activity reports and contacts with shady business partners in China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan to an FBI informant allegation of a $10 million cash bribe – warranted an impeachment inquiry.

“I don't think when you have all these preparations, and you have all of these different methods, even all the aliases – whoever heard of (having) more aliases than Al Capone – I would think that, you know, a fair person because you want it to be fair, it has to be fair … but a fair person would have no choice but to impeach,” he said during a wide-ranging interview Thursday night on the "Just the News, No Noise" television show on Real America's Voice.

“The bottom line is if this cash is true, if all these things are true – you know the statement is true about the billion dollars, because he's got that (on video) – I don't know actually how Republicans could not do it. I think a Republican would be primaried and lose immediately, no matter what district they're in.”

Trump said he did not believe the manner in which House Democrats impeached him in 2019 and again in 2021 was fair and that was why he was acquitted by the Senate. “I was treated unfairly. I was exactly right,” he said at one point.

The 45th president – trying to win the GOP nomination to run anew against Biden in 2024 – also reacted to revelations reported by Just the News last week that Joe Biden as vice president acted opposite of the U.S. policy recommendation when he withheld a $1 billion loan guarantee in late 2015 to force Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor, who just happened to be investigating the Burisma Holdings energy firm paying Hunter Biden millions at the time.

Biden maintained during the 2019 impeachment and since that he was simply carrying out U.S. policy crafted by career federal officials. But State Department memos obtained by Just the News show Justice, State and Treasury officials had recommended that the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was doing a good enough job and that the U.S. should give the loan guarantees.

Trump said he was surprised to see the new evidence and that he believed it had been withheld from the 2019 impeachment proceedings that accused him of abusing his power by asking Ukraine’s president to investigate the Biden dealings inside that former Soviet republic. He said his request had merit then and the new documents he believes prove it.

He said asking Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky in 2019 to probe Hunter Biden’s dealings in the country was legally appropriate, noting that the FBI subsequently revealed it had been receiving similar information from a trusted informant that Burisma may have allegedly provided a bribe to the Biden family.

“What I said was exactly right. I said, ‘if you see any corruption, you must report it not to me to the Attorney General of the United States.’ And they didn't do that.” Trump explained.

The former president also cast doubt on whether Biden will be the eventual Democrat nominee.

“He's the most incompetent president in history. And he's the most corrupt president in history,” Trump said. “And it's incredible if he gets to the starting gate. He's physically incapable, and he's mentally worse than physical. And if he gets started  it would be a miracle to me.”

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