Diamond and Silk: White liberals talk systemic racism, yet they 'put the systems in place'

'What’s actually happening is black people are being used as pawns for a white liberal agenda that’s being used and disguised as Black Lives Matter,' said Rochelle Richardson, who goes by the screen name 'Silk.'

Published: July 1, 2020 7:42pm

Updated: July 5, 2020 1:45pm

Prominent African-American vloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, are upset about white liberals who talk systemic racism, yet "put the systems in place." 

The sisters, who serve on President Trump's campaign advisory board, said white liberals controlling predominately black, inner-city areas for the past 60 years are the same liberals who convinced enough black Americans to vote against their own interests. 

"These people practice Marxism," said Hardaway (aka "Diamond") during a joint video interview with her sister to discuss nationwide protests sparked by the killing of African-American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. "They are into that. So what they're trying to do is they're trying to turn our country into a communist country and use black people to do it. You have white liberals, they talk about systematic racism or systemic racism, but they're the ones who put the systems in place ... the liberal agenda and the liberal ideology that have destroyed black people, the black man." 

Both women, who recently were released from their roles as Fox News contributors, slammed the mainstream media, which they said is owned by white liberals and purposefully suppresses black conservatives like themselves from providing an alternative perspective.

"What’s actually happening is black people are being used as pawns for a white liberal agenda that’s being used and disguised as Black Lives Matter," said Richardson, who goes by the screen name "Silk."

"A lot of times," she added, "they like to create a lot of madness, to hide what's going on in the world. So that you can keep your eyes on the shiny object instead of the underbelly of what actually is going on." 

Hardaway was particularly critical of former President Barack Obama, who she said hasn't been vocal enough in condemning the chaos sown by rioters and looters nationwide who have burned black-owned businesses, taken over city areas, and torn down statues.

"Let me tell you what I'm taken aback by, when it comes to the supposed to be first black president," Hardaway said. "You notice how he's very silent when it comes to people destroying things out here in the country, especially when you see black Americans on TV doing it. He's very silent about that. So that lets me know that Democrats, they go along with this foolishness that's happening ... Biden do not care what happened to the cities ... where crimes, businesses have been burned down. Businesses have been looted. He don't care about that."

The Biden campaign did not respond to request for comment from Just the News.

Hardaway said black Americans were misdirecting their anger when pushing to dismantle historical monuments.

"These statutes can't clothe you, can’t feed you, can't give you a job," Hardaway said. "So why are you angry at the statues? But when you look at it, who's really pulling down the statues? When I look, I see white liberals out there pulling down the statues, but when it's said and done, black people are going to be the blame for all of this." 

Hardaway condemned what she called "this sinister stuff that you see out in the streets," where white people are forced or pressured by black protesters to bow to black protesters or apologize profusely for their whiteness.

"Listen, I'm not asking for any white people to give me a handout," Hardaway said. "I'm asking you to make the system where it's fair and equal across the board for everyone, where everybody have an opportunity. I'm not asking white people to bow down to me because I will never bow down to a white person. The only person I will bow down to is God. And that's it. So that’s what I'm asking for." 

When asked about polling showing Trump trailing Biden in the polls, perhaps driven by Americans wary about the instability of COVID-19 and nationwide protests, Richardson said some caution was understandable.

"In such a time that this, we needed a disruptor, not somebody that's going to go along to get along like a Joe Biden," Richardson said. "Look at him stuck and hidden in a basement, just saying, 'Okay, kumbaya.' But we need a Donald Trump out there to say, ‘No, we're gonna drain the swamp, we're gonna remove the rats that's clogging the pipes in the swamp.’ And sometimes this is what you have to do. It may feel a little uncomfortable at this time. But if we want to save this country, we have to do what we have to do. And sometimes you have to dismantle the whole thing and rebuild the foundations." 


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