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Biden says Elizabeth Warren, labor unions helped craft his economic policy

The 'bold new set of policies' includes hundreds of billions in new government spending.

Published: July 11, 2020 2:01pm

Updated: July 11, 2020 2:22pm

Joe Biden this week revealed that progressive senator Elizabeth Warren, along with labor unions, helped craft the economic policy he intends to put in place if he wins the White House in November. 

The admission, which Biden made in a fundraising email for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, offers further evidence of the presumptive Democratic nominee's leftward lurch as the November election draws nearer. 

"I am grateful to so many ― including my friend Elizabeth Warren, labor unions, and other progressive partners for their help in putting together this bold new set of policies aimed at healing our economy and ensuring good, dignified jobs for American workers,” Biden said in the email. 

Citing what he said was "Donald Trump’s egregious mismanagement of the public health and economic crises," Biden wrote that there "has never been a more important moment to reinvest in good-paying jobs for workers across our country."

Among his proposals are $400 billion in government spending on domestic manufacturing, as well as $300 billion in government funding on electric vehicles and other technological projects. 

Biden on Thursday said he would commit to spending government money on research and development projects “in a way not seen since the Great Depression and World War II,” and that his proposal would “create at least five million new, good paying jobs.”

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race in March of this year and endorsed Biden in April. She previously advised Democrats that nominating Biden posed "a big risk for our party and our country."

Earlier this week Biden's campaign released a joint policy proposal authored by the presumptive nominee's team and the runners of Bernie Sanders's failed campaign; that proposal called for a voluntary nationwide Medicare-for-All program, long a key goal for American progressive activists. 

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