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ABC report finds 'no major increases' in coronavirus in 21 re-opened states

Health officials have warned that re-opening may lead to a surge in outbreaks

Updated: May 30, 2020 - 2:56pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

The nearly two dozen states that have begun re-opening their economies in recent weeks have had "no major increases" in coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths, according to a recent report by ABC. 

The network "looked at the first 21 states to ease restrictions" to determine whether the loosening of lockdown measures had cause the virus to spread faster in those locations. Among the surveyed states were Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota and Texas.

"Analyzing seven-day averages, there were no major increases in hospitalizations, deaths or percentage of people testing positive in any of the 21 states," the network said. 

However, the report found increasing trends of infections, hospitalizations and deaths in some states. Percentages of positive tests, for example, increased in South Carolina, Georgia and Nebraska. Deaths, meanwhile, were up in Florida and South Carolina. 

Critics and health officials have warned that opening up states too quickly can lead to widespread infections and deaths. Daily new cases and deaths in the United States have been trending downward since last month.