Some Americans think the economy needs more than just a stimulus check

What else can be done to help the economy besides another $1200 per person?

Updated: July 30, 2020 - 4:55pm

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When the economy struggles, politicians call for large projects, such as infrastructure to stimulate the economy spending as a form of stimulus, especially when the spending takes place in their district or state.

Amid coronovirus, Americans want the government to support people hit hardest by the pandemic, but shouldn't be launching large scale tax-and-spend projects.

According to a Scott Rasmussen Ballotpedia poll, 28% of voters say that Congress should launch large projects to restructure the economy. 45% are saying that the focus needs to be primarily on medical research, and people directly affected by the shutdown, such as small business owners.

Scott Rasmussen explains more about how voters are responding to the pandemic and stimulus possibilities, in his new Number of the Day podcast.

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